Monday 11 August 2014

Yes - but is it Art?

I love my woodburning stove. In winter it provides a dry heat that permeates the whole house and it gives a cheery glow that raises the spirits when the sky turns a leaden grey – but in summer? Well it just sits there. I could hide it away with a firescreen as the Bretons of old did but – well that doesn’t seem right somehow. So, here is an idea that friends and neighbours have found quite charming (although it does seem to confirm their view that there is a bit of madness in all Englishmen).

Looking at it one day I came to the conclusion that the frame around the glass door is pretty much similar to a picture frame. Only problem was that it contained no picture. Now I can’t paint or draw, Susan does that, so how do I embellish my stove with a work of art. The answer lies in places like the Tate Modern in London. A visit there recently introduced me to the idea of ‘art installations’ – not drawings or paintings but objects placed in a certain way in order to send some kind of message to the viewer. Now the box of the woodburning stove with its glass window is an ideal location for an installation. I suppose a bouquet of dried flowers could have been a possibility but for me as a musician, I wanted to say something about the sublime frustration of music – ‘sublime’ on the rare occasions that you play a piece to your own satisfaction, ‘frustrating’ because a musician is always painfully aware of his shortcomings – there is always something you struggle to get right.

So, here is my woodburning stove art installation. A book of music and a broken violin laid out ready for a match to be put to them! Who knows maybe the idea will catch on.

If you have a woodburner art installation please let me know!